Berlin Day Hike: The Enchanted Woods Of Briesetal

Last time I went to Briesetal was in wintertime and I wanted to see what it’s like in summer. It’s beautiful, hot and green and the atmosphere is as magical as in winter. Same, same, but different.  Briesetal in winter

Location: Borgsdorf, Briese, Borgsdorf / Weather: 31°C, sunny, humid and hot / Distance: 13 km / Mood: sweaty



imageimageThis sunday I saw the swan family with their adolescent swan kids. Mr. Swan was kind of protective. I was not really able to get closer.



11 thoughts on “Berlin Day Hike: The Enchanted Woods Of Briesetal

  1. I like the “Briesetal” too. And is also a nice hike, to continue at the end of the valley on the “66-Lake-Trip” in order to pass some nice places for swimming.


    • Dear Anita, I’m very happy to help and glad you liked it! There are many beautiful areas around Berlin, please ask, if you have questions or want some more recommendations.


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