Caminito del Rey

GR 249 Gran Senda de Malaga, Caminito del Rey


The Caminito del Rey was kind of my nemesis as I have vertigo and I really want to get rid of it.

I had to wait early in the morning because I didn’t reserve a ticket online.

If you get in, you’ll get one of those funny hats. No, it’s a pity, but you can’t keep it.


It starts very smoothly in a wonderful landscape with a turquoise river streaming through, but very quickly it gets kind of uuuuaaaah!!!fullsizerender1fullsizerender2fullsizerender3fullsizerender4fullsizerender5

When you have passed the first gorge you come to an enchanted valley:

fullsizerender7fullsizerender8img 4601

Just until you pass the second gorge:


This bridge you see in the picture is the old bridge. Behind it you can see a – in my eyes – very, very tiny and instable rope bridge. There was a lot of wind and I’m very thankful to the guy who lend me his arm to get me over to the other side.

img 4623fullsizerender13fullsizerender14fullsizerender15fullsizerender16fullsizerender17fullsizerender18fullsizerender19fullsizerender20

Yes! I did it! I’m very proud (:  And now: Breakfast.

3 thoughts on “GR 249 Gran Senda de Malaga, Caminito del Rey

  1. Ja. War sehr, sehr aufregend. Während alle anderen gefühlt auf der Brüstung entlanggingen, war ich eher auf der Wandseite. LOL. Der Gang über die Brücke ist in meinem Gedächtnis inzwischen gelöscht. War wohl zu gruselig.


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