Quito And The Andes: Mitad Del Mundo

This really strange place has to be visited!

  • First of all: It should be, but it is not exactly on the equator. The European guys in 1736 didn’t have the right tools to measure it exactly and they missed it for 240 meters. But now there is already this big monument and who really cares?
  • Next to Mitad Del Mundo you’ll find Ciudad Mitad del Mundo which is one of this cruel touristic concepts nobody wants to have. Ladys in fancy dresses show fancy folkloristic dances and a bunch of tourist shops sell the same stuff as everywhere else. Not to forget: the eternal sound of panpipes.
  • On the other side of Ciudad Mitad del Mundo there is a very modernistic building of a conference center. Our hosts told us, that this is a prestige project of the former president and has never been used since.


Why do you have to go there anyway?

  • The location in-between the mountains is fantastic
  • It’s a good feeling (to imagine) to stand exactly on the equator
  • In case you want to eat guinea pig. Yes, that’s right. It’s called “cuy” and it’s a specialty from the Andes. (Didn’t eat it, looked to creepy)



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