Mindo: A Small, Enchanted Town In The Ecuadorian Cloudforest

Time to say good bye to our friends in Quito and to change place. Fernando brought us to the Bus Station for the regional busses and we caught a bus to Mindo for really no money (something like 3 Dollar). The two hour bus drive brought us “downhill” to Mindo, a small town in the subtropical cloud forest. There is a humid and rather cold climate all year long and we went there in the end of September, which means during the dry season.

You’ll find high mountains, deep valleys and waterfalls over there and it is one of the most biodiverse zones on earth. Researcher registered more than 500 different types of birds there and they still discover unknown species every once in a while.

Most of the time the village is wrapped in slight mist and this atmosphere is what makes it so magical.


The village:DSC_0018DSC_0724DSC_0719DSC_0012DSC_0021DSC_0010DSC_0165DSC_0788DSC_0777


The villages roosters: DSC_0764Mindo CloudforestMindo Cloudforest



The villages dogs:DSC_0168DSC_0198DSC_0772


Evening atmosphere: DSC_0731DSC_0733DSC_0736DSC_0737




The jungle already begins at the hotel (The Bikoc Lodge: absolutely recommended!) DSC_0795DSC_0740DSC_0797DSC_0811DSC_0804DSC_0758DSC_0775DSC_0767DSC_0770DSC_0792DSC_0211

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