Santa Cruz, Galapagos: Hiking Playa Tortuga

At short distance from Puerto Ayora there is a path through the thorny wilderness to Tortuga Beach. You can walk there in approximately 45 minutes. It is a wonderful, huge, deserted and white-sanded beach with rather big waves. It is not recommended to swim there. If you want to do so, you can continue to another beach, Playa Mansa, in a small bay with very quiet water.

We saw a baby shark and while having lunch we had a lot of feathered friends.

DSC_0487DSC_0480DSC_0486DSC_0311DSC_0330DSC_0302DSC_0328DSC_0308DSC_0375DSC_0301DSC_0421DSC_0479DSC_0444DSC_0356DSC_0438DSC_0422DSC_0452DSC_0355DSC_0420DSC_0344DSC_0408DSC_0466DSC_0386xDSC_0457DSC_0369DSC_0366DSC_0363DSC_0382DSC_0396DSC_0399You know that they are real friends, if they stay even when food is empty. They didn’t. 🙂



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