Isabela, Galapagos: Weird Landscapes, Birds And Reptiles On A Tricoloured Hike

We went on a hike from Puerto Vilamil to the Wall of Tears, which is the only remaining evidence from the times where this part of Isabela Island has been a penitentiary colony (1946-59) for prisoners from the mainland. In 1959 this episode ended with a massiv escape, including the kidnapping of an US yacht, and the declaration of the Galapagos archipelago as a national Park.

We saw tortoises, pelicans, some subspecies of Darwin finches, I even photographed a flying blue footed boobie without noticing it, there were of course marine iguanas, small saurians, red rock crabs (with the funny latin name grapsus grapsus), frigate birds, lava herons and this wonderful specimen of a great blue heron on the cover picture.

Like usually the weather – and above all the light – changed frequently and this gave our walk a special atmosphere. The palettes displayed below represent the typical Galapagos colourmix for the – mostly cloudy – weather we experienced on the archipelago.


Colourmix A: Blue & BlondeDSC_0151DSC_0070DSC_0815DSC_0942DSC_0021DSC_0937DSC_0929DSC_0827DSC_0010DSC_0819DSC_0970xxnewDSC_0159DSC_0009DSC_0947DSC_1002DSC_0821DSC_0049



Colourmix B: Green & BeigeDSC_0901DSC_1017DSC_0824DSC_0929DSC_0934DSC_0072DSC_0973DSC_0948DSC_0955DSC_1014DSC_0890DSC_0958DSC_0887DSC_0122DSC_0136DSC_0871DSC_0063DSC_0036DSC_0026DSC_0022DSC_0059DSC_0887DSC_0877DSC_1017DSC_0837



Colourmix C: Red & GreyDSC_0860DSC_0107DSC_0041DSC_0908DSC_0137DSC_0897DSC_0953DSC_0106DSC_0093DSC_0925DSC_0129DSC_0037DSC_0086DSC_0043DSC_0027DSC_0082DSC_0098DSC_0909



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