Bucharest Snagov

Snagov Island Monastery: Spooky History At A Beautiful Quiet Place

On our weekend trip to Bucharest, I wanted to have a tour outside the city to see a little bit of the rural surroundings and to get an idea of the landscape. Snagov is approximately 40 km north of Bukarest and we went there with our adorable hosts Silvia and George from the fabulous cloud 9 living hostel and their baby daughter Josephine.

To reach the island we had to cross a pedestrian bridge over a wonderful lake. At the entrance of the church we encountered some disagreements because our hosts didn’t agree with the dubious guy cashing entrance fees from tourists but not from locals. Obviously nowhere in Romania the entrance for a church has to be payed.

The beautifully paint small church is also considered to be the tomb of barbarous Vlad Țepeș a very famous guy in Romania who is today knewn as the source of inspiration to Bram Stokers Dracula.

When officials opened the tomb in 1931, it was – of course – empty.


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