Wandern Odenwald, Bödigheim, Eberstadt

Odenwald Hike: Islands Of Noise In An Ocean Of Silence



Bödigheim Castle

With the first parts build in 1286 and a moving history, the Castle of Bödigheim today is mostly used as residential quarters for normal people. I envy them for the huge gardens.


From Bödigheim to Eberstadt

Did you ever experience this?
The thick fog today intensified my impression of total silence around me while hiking through this wonderful wavy landscape. I only heard my steps and the sizzling of my small backpack gliding back and forth on my jacket. When I stopped and listened, there was no noise at all. But there were exceptions. A tree full of crows. Huge machines and a lot of industrial work going on at a quarry. A dog barking at a huge harvester at a farm. I guess those islands of noise are typical for an agrarian area.



Steinbruch EberstadtIMG_8191IMG_8193


From Eberstadt back to BödigheimIMG_8207IMG_8212IMG_8216IMG_8219IMG_8164IMG_8233IMG_8235IMG_8245IMG_8234DSC_0561IMG_8238



Jewish Cemetery in Bödigheim

The oldest grave on this cemetery dates back to 1628 but it is most likely that this place exists already since the late Middle Ages. The last grave is from 1939. I wonder if any Jews stood in the area or at least came back, but I didn’t find any references to this.

Considering the fact that jewish tombs are build for eternity and the state of other jewish cemeteries I saw, I was quite surprised how tidy and neat this place looks. But I guess this is due to the tidiness of the people living here, who would consider something less tidy and only slightly messy as lack of respect towards the dead.


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