Berlin Day Hike: Patterns In Nature Near Strausberg

As I was on my own this time and it rained a lot at the beginning of the tour, I had some thoughts about why I’m doing that and what hiking and being outdoors means to me.

Being in nature always comes to one point. It grounds me and makes me aware of the fact, that a lot of the things we care about in our everyday life are quite strange, insignificant and meaningless when talking about the bigger context of life. It’s like taking a step back from the craziness of human condition in a 21st century big city and looking on it like a gentle giant who is understanding but at the same time setting a more realistic relation to all of that.

And when it was a really long hike, without rest and without food, a line from the Rocky Horror Picture Show is coming up in my head.

Crawling on planets face,
some innocents called the human race,
lost in time and lost in space. 
And meaning.


(In the original version it’s insects instead of innocents, but I always understood it like that and like it better)







Sometimes you get this eye for something and you can’t let go. I have this on some of my hikes, where suddenly a theme comes up and from this moment on I see it everywhere. This time I was thrilled by finding vertical and horizontal patterns everywhere.




Location: Hennikendorf along Stienitzsee – Torfhaus – Mühlteich – Annatal – around Herrensee – back with public transport (don’t count on that, it was pure fortune that the S-Bahn came just when I went into the station)  / Don’t try to cross the rails near Strausberg, there is no safe way to do so / Distance: 14 km /  from Berlin city center: 31,5 km / south east / Weather: 5 °C, rainy & cloudy  / Camera: Nikon D90, 55-300mm lens


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