Berlin Day Hike: Walking On Water At Teufelssee

When winter becomes really cold we’ll get the pleasure to walk on the lakes we swim in in summer. Small Teufelssee in Grunewald was full with ice skaters and I was unhappy to have no skates. On the other hand: The bumps on the ice where rather big and I saw more than one skater falling down.

Another scary thing is the cracking noise and movement the ice makes under your feet sometimes. You never know what happens next 🙂






10 thoughts on “Berlin Day Hike: Walking On Water At Teufelssee

    • We went past the tower on our way back to the city and I thought it’s great to see the eastern German 60s building next to the western german Spy Towers (the Americans build them during cold war to spy on GDR)


      • And the colored building is from famous french Architect Le Corbusier. It was build as subsidized housing in the end of the 50s and Le Corbusier distanced himself from it because he planned the ceiling heights to measure 2,26m but in Germany was a regulation for a minimum of 2,50 meters.

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