Transcaucasian Trail Matosavank Monastery

Armenia: A Hike With Piggies From Dilijan To Matosavank Monastery Along The Transcaucasian Trail



Gukhtak ChurchesDSC_0207DSC_0208DSC_0209DSC_0212DSC_0215DSC_0216DSC_0219DSC_0220





Matosavank MonasteryDSC_0358DSC_0418DSC_0373DSC_0376DSC_0377DSC_0382DSC_0383DSC_0386DSC_0387DSC_0407DSC_0411DSC_0417


I saw a sign for the Transcaucasian Trail on the way and was surprised because I always thought the trail to be located in the upper Caucasus in Georgia. I looked for a map and the only thing I found was a map from a planned trail through Armenia. Here it is:

Proposed route for the Transcaucasian Trail (Image: TCT). Info from here.

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