Saghmosavank Monastery Armenia

Armenia: Saghmosavank Monastery And The Myth Of The Bearded Virgins

The Monastery was build in 13th century and is picturesquely  located next to the gorge of Kasagh river. One peculiarity of this Monastery is the tympanum of the “Bearded Virgins” which are obviously also depicted in Hovanavank Monastery. There is the myth that there are five wise virgins and five stupid virgins with beards and Jesus blesses the wise and rejects the others. From what I see on the tympanum: All of them have beards and no further female attributes. Lets just say it: They are men!

Rosas Haiku:
Granatrote Frucht
Lautlos gurren die Tauben
Ihr Gebet in Stein


One thought on “Armenia: Saghmosavank Monastery And The Myth Of The Bearded Virgins

  1. Men can also be virgins!
    And women can also have beards!!
    What an amazing trip, are you travelling with a tour or did you independently work out this itinerary? I’d love to go, especially for the music and the food. And the mountains”


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