Armenia Landscape near Mount Azdahak

Armenia: The Beauty Of Not Hiking Mount Azhdahak

On one of our last days we wanted to climb Mount Azhdahak but some of us were still suffering from different physical afflictions so we decided to take our sleeping bags and mats and install a “hospital” camp in the mountains to wait on the others to come back from the trail. I was kind of disappointed to miss the opportunity to see the famous crater lake, but frankly, when have you ever done this: Hanging  around in the greatest landscape at an altitude of 3000m in an ocean of colors?
The only distraction we had was a horse and a donkey coming from different directions, meeting each other finally and run away together.

Rosas Haiku:
Der Adler kreist
Das Wasser kräuselt die Stirn
Wolken ziehen auf


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