Landscape Armenia

Armenian Landscapes Seen From The Road: A Journey In Pictures

This is my final post from Armenia. It was really a fantastic journey. Look at all those divers landscapes! I can really recommend this country for people who love to go somewhere, where there is no touristic infrastructure in every corner. I would have liked to speak Russian to talk to people more, they all have been or seemed to be very friendly and welcoming. I wouldn’t rely on public transport, I heard this would be more or less useless. And I would look for more great architecture from the twenties and sixties like we have seen at lake Sevan.

Rosas Haiku:
Die Sonne schmunzelt
wärmt den Stein und die Farbe

DSC_0339Landscape ArmeniaDSC_0688DSC_0107DSC_0709DSC_0942DSC_0677DSC_0115DSC_0708DSC_0927DSC_0891DSC_0930DSC_0770DSC_0944DSC_0748DSC_0737DSC_0735DSC_0731DSC_0768DSC_0703DSC_0683DSC_0457DSC_0467DSC_0442DSC_0395DSC_0369DSC_0367DSC_0328DSC_0319DSC_0123DSC_0011DSC_0084DSC_0022DSC_0654 2

12 thoughts on “Armenian Landscapes Seen From The Road: A Journey In Pictures

    • Yes, you are right. I’ve been to Lanzarote some years ago and there are big similarities. As my favorite hiking buddy is a geographer, and always gives me some hints on landscape origins, i’d say, the difference is, that the Canarian landscapes are mostly vulcanic :-).

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