Berlin Day Hike: Light Caught In Lakes Near Waldsieversdorf

I didn’t have a lot of time today so I chose this tiny hike not far from where I have been. I was blessed with three wonderful lakes in bright sunshine. This hike can easily be extended, for example direction Buckow or Kesselsee. The landscape around there is wonderful and compared to everything around Berlin rather hilly, as we are dealing with the Märkische Schweiz (Märkisch “Switzerland”).
I recommend to get one (or two?) of the wonderful cakes at Cafe Tilia afterwards.

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Location: Waldsieversdorf Kindermannstrasse – cross Kreuzfließ – along southern shore of Großer Däbernsee – cross the wooden bridge between Großer Däbernsee and Papillensee – around Papillensee and Kleiner Däbernsee  – cross the wooden bridge again – Eastern shore of Großer Däbernsee – Café Tilia / Distance: 6,5 km / Public Transport: Ostkreuz to Münchener, to Waldsieversdorf by bus, 1:30h / from city center: 60 km / East / East, Weather: 4 °C, sunny / Camera: Nikon D500, 18-105 mm lens
Other trails nearby


9 thoughts on “Berlin Day Hike: Light Caught In Lakes Near Waldsieversdorf

  1. Nice post ! Keep Posting
    Iam naturelover and Landscapaper Unfortunately i didnt visit the nature treasure of berln city 😦 maybe next year !


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