Hiking The Azores: Salto Do Prego And Sanguinho

Even when I was very tired from not having slept because of a horrible mattress, this was probably the most beautiful hike of the Azores, but at least it’s in my top 3.

We started from the village of Faial da Terra. When we parked the car in the most northern point of the village we were welcomed by a very impertinent car-park attendant-rooster which we called Hans-Peter. Already the first steps surrounded by vast greens made an impression on us. The further we stepped into the valley the more rainforest-like it became. On our way we met wild chicken who weren’t shy at all. One even jumped on my hand and claimed to be petted.

Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_41Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_18Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_31Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_25Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_34Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_37Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_20Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_42

Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_40Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_32Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_0738Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_35Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_24Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_33Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_23Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_38



The waterfall was beautiful and on our way back to Faial da Terra we crossed the most beautiful village I have probably seen on the Azores: Sanguinho. The village was once nearly deserted when an artistic project brought it back to live. The concept was to reintegrate the ruined old houses into the whole picture. So you will find a ruin next to a beautifully restored old house with people living in it. Unfortunately the bar wasn’t open.

Above all the first part of the hike along the river is not always easy. I was happy for boots and poles.

Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_04Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_06Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_16Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_11Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_13Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_14

Faial da Terra

Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_09IMG_7675Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_08Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_02




Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_01Salto do Prego-Sanguinho_07

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