Hiking The Azores: The Magical Landscapes Of Sete Ciudades

If it weren’t for the view – definitely the best view of the Azores – the hike itself would be rather dull. We climbed up the steep mountain from the center of the village of Sete Ciudades and made the tour around the craters on country roads (yes, there were even cars).
Don’t forget to make your Instagram shot at Miradouro da Boca do Inferno (“Höllenschlundaussicht”, “hell’s mouth prospect”).
From there we took the decent to the road (muddy and steep) and as there was no beautiful alternative to the road and our feet ached already, we hitchhiked back to town.
Speaking of: the portuguese word “miradouro” which marks a great view, means “Golden View”.



7 thoughts on “Hiking The Azores: The Magical Landscapes Of Sete Ciudades

  1. I love the Azores, but admit that hike was not as good as some others. Marvelous shots though – the one of you(?) walking a path wearing a red scarf is a real treat – could make a poster on your wall. Or on anyone’s wall!

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