Hiking The Azores: Tour Around Lagoa Furnas

The hike around Lagoa das Furnas is rather a walk than a hike (maybe 7km, I didn’t keep trek). We had kind of some nasty rains and stopped at the Centro da Monitorização e Investigação das Furnas (modern grey building at the lake shore) and had a wonderful coffee break in a beautiful building with great and friendly service. The museum shows the different kinds of wood types of the Azores and the movie we saw about the funaroles of Furnas unfortunately was very boring (like all educational movies we have seen on the Azores except of a National Geographic documentation from the 70s on whale hunting) and we left without finishing it.

From the other site of the lake you see a chapel and we wanted to go there but it was integrated in a private garden with an additional waterfall and fern garden. We paid at the entrance but we didn’t do it all the way because we wanted to visit Furnas Springs and the park there closes at 18:00.


Cooking in the Fumaroles at the lake shore of Furnas


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