Azores: Rainbows And Fog In The Highlands Of Pico Island

Pico, the island, has the same name as its mountain. With 2531m, Pico Mountain is the highest mountain in Portugal and one of the biggest European volcanoes. The last eruption has been in 1720. One of the former eruptions created another tiny mountain inside of the caldera (I’m quite sure that geologists would chose different words for this outcome :-), which gives Pico its characteristic appearance. It looks like the mountain would wear a too small party hat. Despite this funny exterior, Pico has a diginfied and wise aura.

And of course, you can see this mountain from all over the island. Except when there is fog. And man, there is fog! We had our small adventure when driving through the mountains without knowing which road would be a good road (drive normally) or a bad road (drive at max. 15km/h around and sometimes through huge potholes). And yes, as you can see on the pictures, there is absolutely no one. Only cows and some sheep will say hello.

The foggy highlands of Pico



Around Lagoa do Capitano



Pico and Pico Visitor Center


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