Eiermann Bau Apolda Open Factory

The Eiermannbau In Apolda: The Flying Factory

The Eiermannbau in Apolda is a formidable example of the lightness of modern architecture and an icon of industry culture.
Originally build by architect Hermann Schneider in 1906, the building was expanded and redesigned by Egon Eiermann (Gedächtniskirche Berlin, Flüchtlingshäuser in Hettingen) in 1938/39. Until 1994 fire extinguishers have been produced in the halls.
Luckily in 2001 the building was granted the status of historic monument, due to the work of the very active association of friends of the Eiermannbau. The building was extensively renovated in the following years and hosts today the IBA Thüringen with their experimental Open Factory project.

It has an incredibly light and inspiring atmosphere and is absolutely worth a visit.

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