Berlin Night Hike: Empty Covid City

I started taking walks at night sometimes on my own, sometimes with a friend to move my tired home-office legs. You see some dog walkers around but even Unter den Linden and Brandenburger Tor is empty. Nobody is out there and it’s like in a movie where you wake up and suddenly you become aware that you are the only person around.

14 thoughts on “Berlin Night Hike: Empty Covid City

    • During the last weeks I took some larger night city walks. Only once I went through Regierungsviertel and Unter den Linden and it was awfully empty. Very easy to take photos all alone in this places. Normally even at 4 in the morning you’d have some drunken tourists with selfysticks. There is no night lockdown in Berlin and I would have expected more people to go outside and maybe even meet friends for a walk.

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