Bad Gastein: The Village Metropolis In The Mountains

In the 19th Century Bad Gastein attracted health tourists from all over Europe and later skiers from all over the world. But the snow has gone and there are other places in Austria which are also appealing and so the huge number of fabulous Art Deco and classicist hotels became unbelievably oversized.

Ten years ago I was on an event in Berlin called the Pecha Kucha Night. During the interruption I talked to Friedrich Liechtenstein who – at the time – wasn’t yet famous. He told me about the End Of The World Congress held in Bad Gastein, a lost city in the Austrian mountains. I immediately hooked to the story and always when I thought of Austria I also thought of the Hotel Miramonte from which he talked a lot.

We stood there for three nights and design wise it’s really a wonderful place which I can absolutely recommend.

Hotel Miramonte

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