Italy: Bella Verona

A lot of history becomes visible in places like Verona. I was quite surprised, because I have never bothered to inform myself before we went there. At the same time I was shocked about the amount of people we saw. At the balcony where Julia met Romeo for example, there was a line of at least 400 people. It would never come to my mind to line up for it. I was glad we booked our hotel outside the city, so we didn’t have to deal with that a lot.
For our dinner, we found one of those magical places to eat: The Antica Osteria al Duomo (via Duomo 7/a, 045 8004506). You’ll see the pictures below and will understand why I say that. In general I really love old Italian cities at night. There is something quite enchanting about the atmosphere.

Verona By Night

Our Agriturismo

… was really exceptional. But I have completely forgotten the name and were it was.

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