A Walk Through The City And The New Berlin City Castle

We made a “culture day” and saw the exposition “Berlin Global”. And for the first time we have been to the newly built Humboldt Forum aka the “Stadtschloss”. This castle in the middle of the city has been rebuilt (it was partly bombed in WW2) at the place were once the “Palast der Republik” (1976-2008) stood. The latter has been the government building of the former GDR which was a dictatorship and has been contaminated by asbestos. Many reasons to tear it down. But at the same time, a lot of people identified with the state and the building and called it “Erichs Lampenladen” (Lamp shop of Erich [Honecker]) tenderly.

I still think, it was wrong to tear it down and build some kind of Kaiserzeit Disney World from the past at its place.

Anyway. The new modern part hosts a spacious, white walled museum in it and will attract many people for historic and cultural expositions.

The exposition we saw was announced to be an interactive event, but the interaction consisted in only some choices which weren’t really great or even well asked. Its more or less about the story of Berlin. But I didn’t get the concept entirely.

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