Tour de Oderland

A very special guided tour brought us to some different initiatives in eastern Brandenburg, where we learned, how people from the city and from the villages live and work together on the countrysite and engage actively in village live. I was most impressed by the story of Trebnitz (see below).

Hof Prädikow

Rückkehrerinitiative Müncheberg und Thälmanns 2.0

Herrenhaus Jahnsfelde

Herrenhaus Heinersdorf


I didn’t take any pictures from the buildings but Trebnitz was the station that impressed me most. The people from the village started an initiative, where they looked for stories and identity coming from out of the villages and not from someone else. Talking about villages and defining their identity has a long tradition with Fontane and Goethe and is continued by modern journalism which is usually located in bigger cities.
The people from Trebnitz and other villages showed impressingly, that the narrative of villages doesn’t have to come from people who visit, but from the people who really live there.
In the video Erzähle mir Brandenburg the story of the initiative is told.

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