Scottish Holidays: Arriving in Edinburgh

We planned this holidays long before Covid and finally we did it. We came together – eight people from three different cities – and met in Glenelg, just opposite to the Isle of Skye in a house with incredible views – all of which Nicky organized meticulously. We first met in Edinburgh to drive to Glenelg from there.

Recommendations for Edinburgh:

Have a peak into the the Royal Commonwealth Pool on Dalkeith Road. Great architecture from 60s. And have one (or two) of the marvelous cakes from the tiny bakery – Bits Bake Shop – just opposite to the pool.

7 thoughts on “Scottish Holidays: Arriving in Edinburgh

    • Hi Laci, I’ll post a lot of pictures of the highlands in the next weeks. So I think, I will increase your yearning further more 🙂 It’s a magical and mysterious place without comparison. And it’s so easy to make great pictures even if it rains ALL THE TIME (except the last 5 days)

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    • Thank you Cindy, I’m absolutely in love with Scotland. I particularly like the drama of the landscape in the highlands. And Edinburgh is absolutely charming.


  1. Such a beautiful collection of wonderful photos from one of my favourite places in the World. Scottish Storytelling Centre is one of the places I try to visit every time I’m in Edinburgh, they have such an amazing book collection 🥰☺️😍

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