Scottish Highlands: Drumnadrochit And Urquhart Castle

We went to see Urquhart Castle this day and walked down to Drumnadrochit afterwards. The castle is a very well visited spot overrun by families, busses and instagrammers. The castles history is well explained by a short movie in the movie theater. But the best thing of the movie is the curtains opening at the end of it, with a view on the real castle in bright sunshine. With some imagination you can see, how the people lived there.

After the visit, we went down to Drumnadrochit which is a longer than expected walk mostly along a well travelled road. The village itself is picturesque but in nearly every house you have a souvenir shop which sells the same stuff than elsewhere. We didn’t go to the Nessie Museum. The only recommendable location is an old style candy store which reminded me of my childhood store where I spent all my pocket money every week. I blame them for not having saved a penny at the time 🙂

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