Steall Falls: I Am Gandalf And This Is How I Came To The Shire

We wanted to climb Ben Nevis today, but it was particularly hot and it was the weekend of the Crown Jubilee of Elisabeth II and all GB wanted to climb Ben Nevis. So after a formidable breakfast we decided taking another walk. We started at Lower Falls and went further East along the river. On our way we had a stop to cool our feet in the river, and while it was sunny and exhaustingly baking the water coming from the mountains was freezing cold and fresh. I wasn’t able to keep my feet in the water for too long.

After that nice foot bath the path left the shore of the river and became intense and steep and when I was ready to take a stop on the top of a hill we had this most amazing view down a huge valley: A gigantic waterfall fell from the mountains down to a green valley with a meandering clear river, some colored points caused by tents, birds singing and and butterflies surrounding us.

Only when we came back I learned, that we were at Steall Falls, the second highest Waterfall in GB and film location to Harry Potter’s famous Quidditch Tournament.

Really a Must See and one of the highlights of all highland hikes we did. I’m a little sad, that the pictures don’t match the incredibly impressing reality here.

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