Odenwald Walk With Two Pups

Originally I wanted to take a big walk with my Cousin Franzi but she and her family were ill and so I took her dog Kia with me to the hills. Pavlov and Kia know each other but they are not very interested in each other. Kia is an elder lady and sometimes I looked around and asked myself where she is, only to notice, that she is right next to me. Which would very rarely happen with Pavlov who is always some 50-100 meters away, sniffing, hunting and looking for sticks.

4 thoughts on “Odenwald Walk With Two Pups

    • I don’t think so. Both of the dogs are „made“ for cold weather and they have (I don’t know the word in English) a second fur. There are other breeds which do not have that. You see them in the park with human made coats on. Pavlov wants to jump into the water even when there is ice on the surface and he never gets tired of jumping around in the snow.

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