Zakopane: Beautiful Dolina Chochołowska

The hike along Dolina Chochołowską is very, very beautiful. And it’s one of the rare places which is doable in winter with a dog. We went by taxi to Siwa Polana but as we know now, we could have gone there by bus as well (not too easy in Zakopane to find out the schedules or where the bus stops are). We went up to the refuge which is around eight kilometers. The refuge has some kind of a cantina with simple food and beverages.

I read about an exposition about Jean Paul II who was born near Krakov and went hiking several times in Zakopane. If you ask at the reception you’ll get the key to the exposition room. The mayor exhibit are the walking sticks of the former Pope.

My favorite moment of the hike was when we came back in the dark to Siwa Polana, several horse sleighs with torches passed us and there were quite some strange parties going on in the forest. Magical atmosphere as you can maybe see in the pictures.

Unfortunately the bus didn’t come for more than one hour and it was quite cold waiting in the snow. Finally we organized a big taxi for us and all the other people waiting for the bus to go back to the city center.

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