In The Forest Around Olympiastadion in Berlin

We wanted to see Olympiastadion from above and climbed (took the elevator of) the campanile. Afterwards Pavlov had to take a walk and we discovered the beautiful forest behind Waldbühne and that there is a very special kind of Berlin wild garlic – very tasty but compared to the “normal” wild garlic with much smaller leaves.

Easter Weekend With Friends In The Forest

Warm rays of sunshine and every day some friends over – how can it get any better?



Dammwiesen near Rehfelde

February In Briesetal And A Dog With A Job

Briesetal is still one of my favorite hikes and a lot of people discovered this enchanted area in the North of Berlin. Pavlov had a lot of fun with huge sticks and in the water. He doesn’t mind the temperatures at all.

Mushroom Picking Weekend

We had our best friends over to pick mushrooms last October. Unfortunately the weather was bone dry for two weeks in advance and our harvest wasn’t as good as three weeks in advance. But anyway: Good food, good friends and lots of laughter. Those days that will stay in mind.

Berlin Day Hike: Dramatic Skies At Oder River

We had a nice weekend walk at Oder River with a lot of changing weather.

Berlin Day Hike: Rainy Afternoon Around Stienitzsee

We had friends over and took a hike over Dammwiesen to Stienitzsee. The weather was quite unstable and we had to take a big stop at the ice cream parlour in Hennigsdorf, which is great for the food – yes, there’s not only ice cream – but you really have to close your eyes for the interior from hell.

And if you ever want to see cute donkeys, take a stop at Mühle Lemke. There is also a great shop for organic food for humans and all sorts of animals. Most of Pavlov’s food comes from there.

In The Forest, In The Garden

Autumn is coming and the glorious glows already show up regularly. We have a very, very good mushroom season this year, and sometimes we don’t even know what to do with our harvests. Luckily we have a drying machine. And no, we don’t eat the mushrooms in the pictures, except of the parasols.

A Visit From Outside Europe

We had the best four days with our dear friends Nicky and John from England and I still can’t believe that GB is not EU anymore. But the world is turning and this time it seams to turn back and forth like crazy. I don’t know if I will ever feel prepared for sh.. like that.

But with a short retreat on the countryside one can imagine, that the world and its mannerisms are far away – even if they aren’t – and just have a relaxed time in the woods.

The Re:Hof In Rutenberg And This Years First Boletus

We went to Rutenberg near Lychen and had a tour around Re:Hof which is a wonderful place to have a gathering in private or for work. I don’t need to explain more if you just have a closer look at the pictures.
After finishing the tour I went out for a walk with Pavlov and stumbled across a really cute boletus by the wayside. My curiosity was aroused and I found a lot of other edible mushrooms but didn’t have a bag with me. Unfortunately it started raining like hell, and I was happy to not have taken the longer path as planned.

A Tour To Beelitz “Baumwipfelpfad” With Mum

I had some beautiful and relaxed days with Mum in July. One day, we visited Beeiltz Heilstätten. The “Baumwipfelpfad” is a really exceptional destination. Not only you are able to climb up stairs to a path through the treetops, but also you can see the ruins of an ancient psychiatric hospital from above. Abandoned a lot of time ago, there are trees growing in the formerly magnificent buildings and you can imagine how life was at the Berlin Zauberberg.