The Best Hikes In Berlin And Brandenburg

 … even for people who did them all :-))

In the last years I was kind of busy exploring hikeable areas in Berlin and Brandenburg. Here is a list of most of my hikes in Berlin and Brandenburg including a rough evaluation of the public transport possibilities to get there. Behind every link you’ll find pictures and most of the time a short description including a map of the trail I took.

As always, most of the links include maps which I recorded during my hikes. As I change direction spontaneously—based on weather, on an attractive area I spotted, on my mood or on the fact that it gets dark quickly—I recommend to explore the areas with openness to hike another trail or change the direction whenever you like to. I recommend the landscapes, not necessarily the exact trail I took. Don’t forget to use maps and GPS :-). I highly recommend MapOut offline maps.


How to read the charts:

Location and month:

I noted the month in which I hiked because every landscape looks different with the seasons. For some of them you can have an impression of another weather and therefore another atmosphere of the trail and scenery.

Public Transport Rating:

I always looked up from Berlin Central Station/Hauptbahnhof. This is what set rating means:

★★ = It’s easy and even better to get there by public transport than by car
★☆ = It’s already more complicated to get there by public transport, sometimes you have to walk for a while      to reach the trail, sometimes you have to change trains for more than 3 times
☆☆ = You can go everywhere by public transport, but in this case you’ll spend really a lot of time and it’s very complicated to get there

Please use Open Street Map with public transport layer to get a visual impression where you want to go and where you have to get out of the train/bus/tram. And look up on how long it will take you to go there.


❤️ = The hikes marked with a heart are my personal favorites. Great lake, picturesque villages or cultural sites to see, or just a very divers hike. This doesn’t mean, that the other hikes aren’t worth while. I just liked them more. Hikes I didn’t like at all are not listed here.


The best hiking areas in the North of Berlin



Location and Month Notes Public Transport Rating Favorite
Briesetal (September)
Briesetal (March) 
Briesetal (July)
Briesetal (November)
Wonderful and magical landscape, forest in a river, swans and picturesque wooden bridges ★★ ❤️
Mühlenbecker Land (December) 
Summt (June)
Castle on a lake near the city ★★
Tegeler See (August) Wilderness in the city along the lake shore ★★
Zehdenick (August)
Zehdenick (August) 
Gransee (August)
Former clay mining area with lots of lakes and old industry ★☆ ❤️
Hellsee (June) 
Hellsee (April) 
Lobetal (October)
Romantic hike through the forest along a murmuring creek and a lake ★☆ ❤️
Bernsteinsee (June)
Bernsteinsee (October)
Divers landscape with silent lakes an sandy beaches ★☆ ❤️
Kyritz an der Knatter (March) Beautiful lakes ★☆
Biesenthal (February) Vast, lonely landscape with lots of ranting birds ★☆
Tegeler Fließ (January) Beautiful pasture landscape near the city center ★★
Grumsiner Forst (November) Huge and bright beech tree forest ★☆ ❤️
Hobrechtsfelde (October) Horses, historical buildings and vast fields ★☆
Liepnitzsee (September)
Bogensee (March)

Regenbogensee, Wandlitz (March)
Wandlitz (January)
Beautiful sparkling lakes, huge forests and WW2 architecture ★☆ ❤️
Wildpark Schorfheide (December)
Wildpark Schorfheide (September)
Huge parc with animals who used to live in the Brandenburg forests (wolves, lynx, horses, moose, … ) ☆☆ ❤️
Arkenberge (December) Mountains at the city border, great views over the city form above ★★
Schönerlinder Teiche (November)
Schönerlinder Teiche (November)
Rare buffalo species around small lakes ★★ ❤️
Schönholzer Heide (November) City parc with Russian war monument ★★
Liebenberg (February) Great landscape, romantic castle, lakes and swans ★☆ ❤️
Botanischer Volkspark Pankow (January) Big parc with deer ★☆
Werbellinkanal, Eichhorst (March) Serene hike along a river ☆☆ ❤️


The best hiking areas in the West of Berlin



Location and Month Notes Public Transport Rating Favorite
Havelhöhenweg (August) Nice lake views from above ★★ ❤️
Grunewaldsee (April) Meet thousands of different dogs and their owners ★★
Teufelssee (June) Visit an abandoned post WW2 spy station ★★
Kloster Lehnin Faboulous monastery in vast landscape ★☆
Jungfernsee (February) Always along lakes ★☆
Döberitzer Heide (June) Long hike without possibility to shortcut through forests and flat landscapes with a view tower ★☆
Wannsee, Düppeler Forst (January) Wild forest near the city ★★
Sacrow (February) Along lakes with a castle and a chapel on the shore ★☆ ❤️
Paretz (February) Very divers hike, historical village, historical clay mining area with many lakes ★☆ ❤️


The best hiking areas in the East of Berlin



Location and Month Notes Public Transport Rating Favorite
Müggelsee, Müggelberge, Teufelsmoor (May)
Müggelsee (February)
Müggelsee (February)
Visit the second highest mountain in Berlin (115m) and walk along a wooden runway through the marshland “of the devil” ★★ ❤️
Seddinsee, Schmöckwitz (April)
Seddinsee (February)
Very simple hike always along a lake or a river ★☆
Stienitzsee (March) Fine lake but with some obstacles. Sometimes you cannot reach the shore because it’s fenced privat land ★☆
Herrensee (October)
Herrensee (January)
Herrensee (May)
Beautiful wild lake surrounded by marshland forests. Beware of mosquitos in summer. ★★ ❤️
Stobbertal (July) Magical forest atmosphere along a creek ☆☆ ❤️
Garzau und Garzin (October)
Rehfelde (February)
Divers landscape, some lakes and a pyramid ★★
Altfriedland (November) Thousands of birds, picturesque village, beautiful lakes but you can’t reach the shore because it’s protected or private area ☆☆
Ihlandsee (December) Beautiful lake in the forest ★☆
Strausberg (January) Nice forest hike along a small river near the city ★★
Oderbruch (September) Vastness and Silence ★☆ ❤️
Blumenthal (November) Wild forest and a small, old forest settlements ☆☆ ❤️
Biesow (October)
Biesow (February)
Absolut silence around the lakes and a tiny, cute settlement in the middle of nowhere ☆☆ ❤️
Köthen (July) Mesmerizing views from the top of a look-out, nice lakes ☆☆
Erkner (September) Wild paths and lakes ★★ ❤️
Buckow, Märkische Schweiz (October)
Waldsieversdorf (February)
Hilly landscape, beautiful lakes and a picturesque small town with delicious ice cream ★☆ ❤️
Spreeauen (October) Lyrical landscape and a natural river ★☆ ❤️
Leuenberg (March) Divers hike with forests , lakes and fields ★☆
Werneuchen (March) Dark green lake in the forest ★★
Spitzmühle (April)
Spitzmühle (October)
Spitzmühle (January)
Bötzsee (October)
Wonderful, scenic and easy hike around lakes. ★☆ ❤️
Möllensee (July) Very divers Hike around lakes ★☆
Treptower Park (April) Tiny hike, almost in the City Center ★☆


The best hiking areas in the South of Berlin:



Location and Month Notes Public Transport Rating Favorite
Scharmützelsee, Bad Saarow (March) Hike with a look-out and beautiful lakes, opportunity to visit Bad Saarow (Bath) ★☆ ❤️
Prieros (April) Divers hike, partially on a small path directly on the shore of Schmöldesee ☆☆
Albrechts Teerofen (November) Interesting landscape and Western/Eastern Berlin History ★☆
Beelitz Heilstätten (October) Take a hike above the trees and look at an ancient abandoned asylum ★☆ ❤️
Pfaueninsel (June) Meet the peacocks and hike where already Emperor Willhelm II took a walk ★★
Nuthe-Nieplitz (April) Marvellous and wild nature reserve ★★ ❤️
Sperenberger Gipsbrüche (April) At least six small lakes and a very beautiful and wild landscape ★☆ ❤️
Schwielowsee (March) Beautiful lake ★★


And the map …


Die schönsten Wanderungen in Berlin und Brandenburg