Berlin Day Hike: Sparkling Spring In Prieros

Location: Prieroser Straße (Klein Köris?) – Hölzerner See – Schmöldesee eastern shore – Streganzer See – Dahme – Prieroser Straße / Distance: 16 km / from city center: 55 km / east / Weather: 17 °C, sunny, some clouds / Animals spotted: 20 deers, 2 boarhounds, ducks, swans, egrets / Camera: Nikon D90, 35mm lens


The first part of the road was rather boring and I already thought that this would become one of those “lost hikes” because after some kilometers I still didn’t see the lake which I was circling and I was still on a boring dirt road through the forest. But after a camping ground named “Naturfreunde Schmöldesse” it was finally possible to go down to the lake and there was a small single trail not indicated in the map which I took all along the lovely Schmöldesee.

The most beautiful part of the hike was the trail around the small lakes after Streganzer See. An enchanted place with marshland forests, millions of chanting birds, buzzing insects and swans silently crossing the lakes.
The following shores of Dahme river are also very beautiful, but you have to leave the road again and again and I didn’t have the time anymore because the sun went down earlier than I tought it would.

Just before the hotel “Waldhaus” there was a path indicated on my map which didn’t exist in reality and I had to bushwhack until I stood in the garden of the hotel. Same before the small lakes with an additional sign that this would be private land and that the area would be under video  surveillance, which I think is rather not true.


Mönchwinkel, Spreeauen

Berlin Day Hike: Dramatic Skies Over Spreeauen

Location: Mönchwinkel – cross the small bridge south of Mönchwinkel – don’t follow the paths, you can easily walk the meadows/ Distance: 5 km / Weather: 8 °C, sunny and cloudy


We left a little late this saturday and we got into this weather shortly before the sun went down. This is the river Spree in its natural state. We walked alongside the river on the meadows even if there weren’t any paths on my map. Sometimes you have to detour because of animal fences.








Berlin Day Hike: Endless Horizons in Gransee

Location: Ribbeck – Bösenhagener Stich – Gransee – Badingen – Neuer Badinger Stich – Ribbeck / Weather: 25°C, sunny / Distance: 15 km  / Very flat area with wide and vast views. 



Fun with hay bales:



We had a very nice Havelzander at Gasthaus zur Fähre in Burgwall afterwards. The fish is excellent, but don’t take salad or coffee. This is the view: