Operation #makingmasks for everyone – Stoffmasken nähen

You’ll find operation: #makingmasks here on our  Facebook Group and on Instagram
Du findest operation: #makingmasks hier auf unsere Facebook Gruppe und auf Instagram

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Zu was Stoffmasken gut sind und wie du mitmachen kannst.

Gebrauchs- und Sicherheitshinweise_#makingmasks_Deutsch
Unbedingt dem neuen Besitzer mitgeben, wenn du eine Stoffmaske verschenkst oder verkaufst.

Hier findest du Schnittmuster und Nähanleitung zu zwei einfachen Stoffmasken-Modellen.


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Benefits of masks and how you can join in

For makers, givers and sellers

Sewing instructions


Spring Is Coming!

During winter we really struggled to spend our weekends on the countryside in the little house on the prairie because it was freezing cold (outside AND inside). But now you can smell and hear it: Spring is near. The singing birds are waking us up in the morning and I start becoming motivated for some […]

MYOG: Ultralight Rain Mitts

When hiking with poles trough the rain it’s better to protect your hands from hypothermia. I wear thin fleece gloves and rain mitts additionally. I found this pattern originating from the middle ages while searching for something with practically no seams.  Because less seams = less possibilities for water to enter (and *bonus* shorter sewing […]

MYOG: Warm butt hiking skirt

During winter I always hike in tights but if it’s really cold my butt is freezing. So I wanted something simple to put on. This skirt is really cosy and nifty. It got one of my preferred winter pieces. I recommend it as well for biking. Sorry guys, no warm butt for you. Or maybe […]

MYOG: Ultralight Rain Gaiters

I hate wearing rain trousers because they are very uncomfortable and as I wear a raincoat instead of a jacket which in general is enough during light rain, I wanted to be protected from getting cold during heavy rain. So I thought of leaving out the top of the trousers and just wearing very long gaiters. […]

MYOG: Gaiters made of socks

You need: pair of fancy socks (lycra or polyester) 4 x 10 cm thin elastic edge binding (black) 2 x 40 cm elastic strap (red) 4 x 8 cm strong polyester cord 2 small tankas Little amount of inelastic light fabric (I took nylon 80g/m2, red) Costs: I had everything at home Weight: 44 g/1,5 oz