Scottish Highlands: Drumnadrochit And Urquhart Castle

We went to see Urquhart Castle this day and walked down to Drumnadrochit afterwards. The castle is a very well visited spot overrun by families, busses and instagrammers. The castles history is well explained by a short movie in the movie theater. But the sensation of the movie is the curtains opening at the end of it with a view on the real castle in bright sunshine. With some imagination you can see, how the people lived there.

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Scottish Highlands: A Roadtrip Through Light


scottish highlands sanna beach

Scottish Highlands: A Day at The Beach At The End Of The World

With the big birthday group we went to Sanna Beach in Ardnamurchan: dscf2461dscf2547dscf2414dscf2441dscf2405dscf2444dscf2399dscf2471dscf2436


Scottish Highlands: Magical Mystery Tour Near Glencoe

We went to a friends birthday party who invited us to celebrate with him in a castle in the Scottish Highlands. We arrived by car at night in a hotel near Glencoe and woke up the next morning without having seen the scenery surrounding us.
Can you imagine waking up to this?

I went to Scotland once before and I will never forget the breathtaking atmosphere, the light, the remoteness and the magic of this land. I’m in love again.

On our first day we went for a hike near Glencoe: