Scottish Highlands: Magical Mystery Tour Near Glencoe

We went to a friends birthday party who invited us to celebrate with him in a castle in the Scottish Highlands. We arrived by car at night in a hotel near Glencoe and woke up the next morning without having seen the scenery surrounding us.
Can you imagine waking up to this?

I went to Scotland once before and I will never forget the breathtaking atmosphere, the light, the remoteness and the magic of this land. I’m in love again.

On our first day we went for a hike near Glencoe:



Sächsische Schweiz, Schrammsteine

Saxon Switzerland Hike: Those Mythical German Forests

Location: Schrammsteinbaude –  Lattengrund – Obrigensteig – Schrammsteinweg – Jägersteig – Elbleitenweg – Breite Kluft – Schrammsteinweg – Zurückesteig – Kleine Domstiege – Sandlochweg – Zeughausweg – Vorderwinkel – Elbseitenweg – Schießgrund – Schrammsteinbaude  / Distance: 12 km / Weather: -1 °C, sunny and cold


While we crossed the dark underbrush with its huge rock walls and its exagerated green and steaming mossy grounds I thought about what left of “Deutsche Sagen” (German Myths) that I read at primary school. I pictured dragons, elves and fauns and the landscape is totally stimulating this kind of thoughts.

dscf1818dscf1828dscf1823  dscf1990


I love mountains but I don’t like abysses so much. In fact I suffer from fear of heights. We had some challenges today and the path along the ridge of Schrammsteine wasn’t made for us. We have been brave enough to turn around and continue to enjoy our hike instead of being threatened by it.









Sächsische Schweiz

Saxon Switzerland Hike: Wanderers Above A Sea Of Fog

Location: Schmilka –  Mühlenweg – Erlsgrund – Winterbergstrasse – Großer Winterberg – Reitsteig – Unterer Fremdenweg – Kuhstall – Haussteig – Ferkelschlüchte – Kleiner Zschand – Flößersteig – Lichtenhainer Wasserfall / Distance: 17 km / Weather: 1 °C, foggy, rainy and cold

The title is inspired by the title of a painting by Caspar David Friedrich called “Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer”

If you are surprised by the photographic effects I used: The technique is called “wet lense” 🙂


Sächsische Schweiz, Schmilka

We started after a really big breakfast from the charming Gasthof zur Mühle in Schmilka near the Czech border. It started raining as soon as we took of and the forest was soon filled with fog.





Großer Winterberg:dscf1625dscf1638dscf1616








Lichtenhainer Wasserfall:dscf1800