MYOG: Ultralight Rain Mitts

When hiking with poles trough the rain it’s better to protect your hands from hypothermia. I wear thin fleece gloves and rain mitts additionally. I found this pattern originating from the middle ages while searching for something with practically no seams.  Because less seams = less possibilities for water to enter (and *bonus* shorter sewing […]

MYOG: Warm butt hiking skirt

During winter I always hike in tights but if it’s really cold my butt is freezing. So I wanted something simple to put on. This skirt is really cosy and nifty. It got one of my preferred winter pieces. I recommend it as well for biking. Sorry guys, no warm butt for you. Or maybe […]

MYOG: Ultralight Rain Gaiters

I hate wearing rain trousers because they are very uncomfortable and as I wear a raincoat instead of a jacket which in general is enough during light rain, I wanted to be protected from getting cold during heavy rain. So I thought of leaving out the top of the trousers and just wearing very long gaiters. […]

MYOG: Gaiters made of socks

You need: pair of fancy socks (lycra or polyester) 4 x 10 cm thin elastic edge binding (black) 2 x 40 cm elastic strap (red) 4 x 8 cm strong polyester cord 2 small tankas Little amount of inelastic light fabric (I took nylon 80g/m2, red) Costs: I had everything at home Weight: 44 g/1,5 oz