Kyritz an der Knatter

Berlin Day Hike: Kyritz an der Knatter


Langer See Große Krampe

Berlin Day Hike: Into The Void

“It is the uncertainty that charms one. A mist makes things wonderful.” – Oscar Wilde (Thank you, Moni)

Location: Müggelheim – Große Krampe – Krampenburg – Along Langer See – Hirtenwiese – Teufelssee – Müggelberge – Müggelheim / Distance: 12 km / from city center: 25 km / east / Weather: 4 °C, foggy / Camera: Nikon D90, 35mm lens




Schloss Waldleinigen

Odenwald Hike: The Trans-Siberian Railroad Doesn’t Cross Mörschenhardt

“Die transsibirische Eisenbahn fährt nicht durch Mörschenhardt” (Andreas Balles, 1990)

This was my first thought when I arrived in this very small village called Mörschenhardt not far away from my hometown in Southern Germany.
In 1990, a former classmate  wrote this sentence while imitating Günther Eich, a famous German poet. He – the classmate – became a poet later on – at least he wrote a poetry book.

And there is so much more in this sentence. There are quite a lot of villages where there is, metaphorically speaking, nothing like the Trans-Siberian Railroad. And sometimes this is a great advantage.


Klinge Mörschenhardt OdenwaldKlinge Mörschenhardt Odenwald7978a862-8830-4d2d-aee8-53165c1474ceKlinge Mörschenhardt Odenwald

Klinge Mörschenhardt Odenwald



Schloss Waldleinigen:Schloss WaldleinigenProcessed with VSCO with a8 presetSchloss WaldleinigenSchloss WaldleinigenSchloss WaldleinigenSchloss Waldleinigenkurz vor Mörschenhardt

Location: Mörschenhardt, Klinge, Ernsttal, Schloss Waldleinigen, (from there we hitch-hiked to Schloßau) – Schloßau – Mörschenhardt / Distance: 12 km / Weather: 2 °C, cloudy & freezing


Scottish Highlands: Magical Mystery Tour Near Glencoe

We went to a friends birthday party who invited us to celebrate with him in a castle in the Scottish Highlands. We arrived by car at night in a hotel near Glencoe and woke up the next morning without having seen the scenery surrounding us.
Can you imagine waking up to this?

I went to Scotland once before and I will never forget the breathtaking atmosphere, the light, the remoteness and the magic of this land. I’m in love again.

On our first day we went for a hike near Glencoe:



Berlin Day Hike: Beautiful Briesetal

Location: Borgsdorf – Briese – Schlagbrücke – And back on the other side  / Distance: 13 km / Weather: 4 °C, sunny and cold






The fun crew: dsc_0691

Briestal and the family swan last year in winter and in summer.

Sächsische Schweiz, Schrammsteine

Saxon Switzerland Hike: Those Mythical German Forests

Location: Schrammsteinbaude –  Lattengrund – Obrigensteig – Schrammsteinweg – Jägersteig – Elbleitenweg – Breite Kluft – Schrammsteinweg – Zurückesteig – Kleine Domstiege – Sandlochweg – Zeughausweg – Vorderwinkel – Elbseitenweg – Schießgrund – Schrammsteinbaude  / Distance: 12 km / Weather: -1 °C, sunny and cold


While we crossed the dark underbrush with its huge rock walls and its exagerated green and steaming mossy grounds I thought about what left of “Deutsche Sagen” (German Myths) that I read at primary school. I pictured dragons, elves and fauns and the landscape is totally stimulating this kind of thoughts.

dscf1818dscf1828dscf1823  dscf1990


I love mountains but I don’t like abysses so much. In fact I suffer from fear of heights. We had some challenges today and the path along the ridge of Schrammsteine wasn’t made for us. We have been brave enough to turn around and continue to enjoy our hike instead of being threatened by it.










Berlin Day Hike: Golden Sunday in Spitzmühle

Yeah, the days are getting shorter and darker. But there is still this kind of autumn magic when warm sun rays hit the yellow and red trees. The golden days of autumn.

Location: Postbruch near Straußberg – Bötzsee – Spitzmühle – Fängersee – Kesselsee – and back on the opposite shores / Distance: 17 km / Weather: 13 °C, sunny