Zakopane: Dolina Chochołowska By Horse Sleigh

In absence of further possibilities and also because it’s very, very beautiful we did Dolina Chochołowska again, but this time we went to the Refuge by “Kulig” – a horse sleigh – and went back by foot. When we entered the refuge to have a bowl of Żurek (best soup!) we were a little surprised by the intense horse smell – just until we realized that it’s us. So if you don’t have a washing machine with you, I strongly recommend to do this marvelous adventure on your last day 🙂

Zakopane: Winter Wonderland With A Lot Of People In It

If you asked me how I liked Zakopane I would say I’m ambiguous. On the one hand it’s really a beautiful place. The perfect winter wonderland. The picturesque wooden houses covered in tons of snow everywhere. It can really look like a scene from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. On the other hand there are at least three mayor annoyances.

First: People everywhere. Accompanied by the obligatory shops selling the same stuff (cheeses and hats) everywhere. When we took the rack railway to a mountain top one day, there were uncountable tiny shops at the bottom of the railway and we expected some mountain calmness on the top. But it was quite worse there. The same shops just kilometers of them. Even when there weren’t any people anymore due to heavy snowfalls the shops continued and ruined the mountain atmosphere.

Second: We came by train and we had no car with us. So we did a lot of road by foot. Which wouldn’t have been annoying at all, if there had been a place for pedestrians. But there wasn’t. The footpaths were covered in 50 cm of trampled grey and muddy wet snow with icy bumps underneath it and every simple trip to the supermarket meant one kilometer of an exhausting and quite dangerous walk next to a street with heavy, stinky traffic.

Third: (that’s the one I understand, but I didn’t know before) You can’t enter the national park with a dog because of the wildlife.

We found some places for very good walks anyway, but I won’t go there again. At least not in winter and with the dog.

On our first day we walked along the National Park border. A beautiful and calm walk with great views. Just what you expect from your winter holidays. And making the long train ride worth every hurting leg.

Odenwald Walk With Two Pups

Originally I wanted to take a big walk with my Cousin Franzi but she and her family were ill and so I took her dog Kia with me to the hills. Pavlov and Kia know each other but they are not very interested in each other. Kia is an elder lady and sometimes I looked around and asked myself where she is, only to notice, that she is right next to me. Which would very rarely happen with Pavlov who is always some 50-100 meters away, sniffing, hunting and looking for sticks.

Odenwald Walk: Through The Snow with Mum

There was still a little bit of snow when I arrived at my Moms and we had a very cold walk that day. I saw the sheep already the night before and the shepherd didn’t like Pavlov a lot. But cows, horses, sheep, goats – Pavlov would never approach the sheep because since he was “attacked” by an electric fence once, he is afraid of every gras eating animal. Pobrecito!

Mushroom Picking Weekend

We had our best friends over to pick mushrooms last October. Unfortunately the weather was bone dry for two weeks in advance and our harvest wasn’t as good as three weeks in advance. But anyway: Good food, good friends and lots of laughter. Those days that will stay in mind.