Berlin Day Hike: Birds And Pumpkins In Altfriedland

It’s autumn and we are again in Altfriedland. The picturesque village shows its great potential during this season. We went to the local fishing company immediately on arriving but unfortunately they were closed. It’s really sad, because the fish is excellent and with us, there were at least two other disappointed groups. But at least there was a market in the center next to the church, where old ladies sold coffee and cake.

As always, hiking in Altfriedland is rather tricky. Do not rely on your GPS App! Even if there are paths around the lakes, you can’t reach them. The lakes, where thousands of birds are waiting to fly away to warmer countries, are under protection. And sometimes, if you think there is a path over a channel, there just isn’t, and you have to walk back the same way, instead of taking another one. Normally I hate that, but here we had the opportunity to look at this marvelous landscape during sunset again, and it was just fantastic. But look for yourself.

The Village

Along the channels

On the fields

Into the sunset

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